About Angie


Hi I’m Angie and this is my personal blog.  You will see that my posting has been intermittent over the several years that I have been blogging, but I am trying to make amends and hope to be more productive as I renew my efforts in the blogosphere.

I write about whatever takes my fancy – mainly my thoughts, interests, and passions (interspersed with life events).  I am a college History instructor, and an Education and Media Coordinator for a national non-profit organization.  I went “back” to college as a “mature” student in 2008, where a love of words led me to an undergrad degree in English Literature, and a profound curiosity about human consciousness, human culture, and human nature into an undergrad degree in Anthropology.  I followed that up with a MA degree in History, and although I love to teach occasionally, I will eternally be a dedicated and inquisitive student.

I love history, anthropology, literature, photography, “the great outdoors,” movies, theater, and music.

I am currently living happily in Colorado at the edge of Pike National Forest with my wonderful husband John and sweet dog Betty (sweet but full of ‘cattitude’).

Welcome to my blog!  I hope you will stay a while and come back often.

Angie x

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