So Much Has Happened

And I never posted about it…
My beautiful nephew Xander was born and he is now 14 months old! Can’t wait to see him again in August.

And little Finn was born a month after Xander!

Ash & Chris got married in Hawaii this summer and then had a lovely reception in Utah. Both were awesome!

Jeremiah is now nearly 16 and he will be getting his driving permit soon (scary). He is off on a school trip to China in March! In the summer, we visited the hot springs resort in Pagosa Springs and went to Mesa Verde and The Great Sand Dunes.

John and I went to Lake Powell and stayed on a houseboat with friends for a few days in September. John taught me to waterski.

Mum and Dad moved to a lovely new house after about 16 years in the same place!
Christmakkuh was wonderful (but I missed my bro’ and his beautiful family). We had a big houseful: Mum & Dad, Ash & Chris (plus their 3 dogs), Jeremiah, and my beautiful friend Julie were here over the holidays. There were twelve for dinner when Aaron and his three lovely daughters joined us on Christmas day! We took a great quad ride in the snow on Christmas Eve – some of us, anyway 😉
The house is quiet again – just me and the dogs- while John is in Korea for the first work trip of the year, but I have plenty to keep me occupied, getting organized for a new year.
I will be commencing my final semester as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on January 18th. I’ll be graduating with a double in Anthropology and English Literature in May. Then, after a summer off, I will be starting Masters in History. I’m so excitedSo much going on. Very hopeful for a fabulous 2012.
Happy New Year Everyone! x

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