A reminder for me: Some things I did this last week

Friday 13th: Went off without a hitch! Went to dinner with Andrea at The Saigon Cafe in Colorado Springs (fabulous summer rolls and noodle bowl). Off to Jack Quinn next for a pint of Strongbow (glorious) and then finished the evening at Kimball’s Peak Three Theater where we saw The Kid’s are Alright — which, by the way, is a really good movie, very real, beautifully written, and flawlessly acted!

Saturday 14th: Farmers’ Market in the morning and an evening in CS with Lorrie and Andrea at SouthSide Johnny’s. I’d never been in before but it’s great! The food was excellent and the atmosphere was fab. We saw Monument Hill — good local band– and a fun night was had by all!
Monday 16th: This evening we had Andrea S’ birthday dinner at Paravicini’s. There wer
e 14 of us and the service was impeccable. The food (even though I was just eating salad) was fantastic. I had a look around the table –

-lots of great shellfish and pasta. My salad had a warm black cherry vinaigrette that was delicious. To top it off the server took the trouble to do separate checks and divided the birthdays gils items between a
ll the other checks — I’ve never seen it done before ( I think I paid for 0.63 of a glass of wine, for example, and a couple other things too! Thank you Stevie you are a great server is all I can say to that! We will be going back there for sure.
After dinner we stopped off at Pine Gables in GMF for a couple of drinks (well those who weren’t driving anyway! before heading home! It was fun. I can’t wait to see Andrea’s Photos – she was enjoying herself!
Tuesday 17th: Just watched Cemetery Junction. I loved it!

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