Poetry Reading

I went to a wonderful poetry reading at the University on Thursday night. Two poets read from their new books. I was very taken with both of them. They have differing styles and tones to their poems but they contrasted very nicely.

Carpathia is Cecilia Woloch’s fifth book of poetry and she is also widely published in magazines, journals and anthologies. Woloch has taught at several US institutions as well as teaching workshops abroad in England, Poland and Germany and she currently lectures at the University of Southern California in for the BA in Creative Writing. Woloch’s poetry is very moving and honest. She reads her poems tenderly and they have a beautiful lyric quality them. Woloch’s poems are about many subjects: her family, her childhood, her travels and herself; they include love poems, poems of loss and poems about the beauty and ugliness of life. I recommend finding yourself one of wonderful books. To read some of her poetry you can visit her website by clicking her name at the top of this post or visit the archive here for Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac.

Name Me is Kim Noriega’s first book of published poetry. It is a wonderful start to what I hope will be a prolific career. I can’t improve upon Jeffrey Greene’s review of her work from the back cover of the book so I won’t try — here it is
“As the title, Name Me, suggests, Kim Noriega’s superb collection of poems is a journey of self-discovery, capturing high-voltage moments of anguish, abuse, and tenderness, beginning with family then lovers. This is hard-core poetry for hard-core life, but with nothing crude about it—just stunning clarity.”—Jeffrey Greene

Noriega reads her own poetry very well and it was a privilege to see her do so. Many of her poems are dark and disturbing but she voices her own experience’s bravely and tenderly giving a much needed voice to other women who may not be able to speak out themselves. You can read one of her poems from her new book, ‘The Light of Day,’ on the home page of her website by clicking her name at the top of this post.

I was honored to meet these two ladies following the reading and have very much enjoyed re-reading from their new books over the weekend. I hope that the University continues to have great poets visit. It was a very pleasant evening.

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