Revolutionary Road

I watched Revolutionary Road today starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

It is a movie based on the novel by Richard Yates–which I haven’t read–and by the account of Manohla Dargis who reviewed the movie for the New York Times in 2008 is a “corrosive, furiously unsentimental novel.” I believe her.

I can’t say I enjoyed the movie because there isn’t much to ‘enjoy’ about it! The performances as I tend to expect from Winslet and DiCaprio were outstanding, but the characters did nothing to encourage sympathy for the duration of the film. I felt more for the male character, Frank. I found her (April’s) self-indulgent craving of a real and “true” life repugnant somehow. She always longed for more than the suburban housewife “trap” she finds herself in but never really manages to express just what it is she wants. I couldn’t get my head around why she couldn’t have that life right where she was –there didn’t seem to be that much stopping her.

He isn’t a shining moral example by the way but less toxic than April in my opinion. Anyway, the movie is not really anything more than a snapshot of the young couple’s life, but it is a brutal and ultimately tragic one. I found it quite depressing to see two people, who really don’t have that much to complain about, tear at each other with astonishing viciousness. It was hard to see how anyone would be able to forgive their partner for the kind of savage barbs they threw at each other, and, as it turns out, they would never really have to deal with it.

The end of the movie is without doubt a tragedy, but it really showed me how little empathy I had for the characters because such a sad turn of events would usually have this sensitive ninny in floods of tears. Not a drop did I shed.

I hope I haven’t put anyone off seeing it. I thought it was well made and the acting was fantastic, but the ‘story’ was so melancholy and bitter it was hard to find satisfying.

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