Law Abiding Citizen & Couples Retreat

Law Abiding Citizen

Starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, both of whom turn in respectable performances. This movie is alegal thriller that attempts to raise questions about the inefficacy and perversion of the American justice system but does so only superficially. The plot line is implausible but entertaining. Who wants their movies to mirror true life anyway? I don’t. I think it got worse reviews than it deserved and I left the theater satisfied and adequately distracted though not jumping with enthusiasm or intellectually challenged.

Couples Retreat

Starring Vince Vaughan and Jason Bateman with Jon Favreau, Malin

Akerman, Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell and Faizon. A talented cast and some comic moments but nothing in this comedy is side-splitting or laugh-out-loud. I think I would call this movie “cute” although there are also a couple of uncomfortable moments when you think “oh no don’t go there…” The performances were solid but the script and plot were just so, so. Mildly entertaining.

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