Goodbye PPCC and THANK YOU!

I finished the last classes for my Associate of Arts degree this last week. I will graduate this semester but won’t be able to walk until May. I start at UCCS in January, embarking on the last 2 years of my double major in English and Anthropology. I’m so excited. UCCS is a beautiful campus with a brand new Rec’ Center and an excellent library. That’s everything I need right there! I hope that the instruction will be good too, of course. Onward and upward. Two years down.
I have to say that the instruction at PPCC was excellent all the way. I have had some fantastic professors who have greatly influenced me over the last two years and I wouldn’t exchange this education that has brought me through with a 4.0 GPA so far. If you are wondering about Community College for the first two years of a degree I can recommend Pikes Peak wholeheartedly. I will miss some of the people there as I move across town.

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