Shame on Me! Badly Neglected Blog

Some things I didn’t post!!

Had a Big Party here in the Summer. The Second Annual Mountain Bayou. About 150 people came during the course of the day and we had a houseful of visitors and at least 3 or four families camping in the yard too. Both Ashley and Jeremiah were here so it was even better than we had expected.
 A great time was had by all!

It was our 10th Anniversary in October. It was a Sunday and we went to the Broadmoor Hotel for a lavish brunch. It snowed lightly and it was beautiful. We had a great meal and it was a very happy day. Can’t believe 10 years flew by so quickly.

 My anniversary present was a Kindle DX which is fabulous –I love it. It was such a surprize as I had only mentioned that I would like one once!! I can carry upto 3500 books with me and so it is ideal for me taking English Literature — I can hold the complete works of all the authors I need in one.

There is so much more that I missed but I’ll try to keep up and add things much more regularly now.

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