I watched Push today. I noted that it managed to
receive very poor reviews almost everywhere I looked — except on scifiheaven.net , but I’m never one to be put off by reviews, for the main reason that it seems that many of them just repeat what they hear reported in other trendy reviews. I can almost imagine them sitting there at the keyboard wondering what they can criticize about a movie to single them out as thoughtful without actually singling them out as liking something that has been deemed a lemon by someone “respected” in the movie critic business. Maybe I’m wrong, but after seeing raving reviews for utter crap and trash reviews for movies that shine I’m very cynical. Either that or I genuinely do have a very contrary taste in movies. Whatever…

Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t pay attention to them this time — I really enjoyed the movie. It isn’t a classic and I’m not raving about it but I thought it was well-acted, kept an exciting pace and was not overwhelmingly complicated as many reviews implied. I liked the concept and enjoyed the way the ends all tied together in the climax. The ending is satisfying too.

The movie was directed by Paul McGuigan, who also directed Lucky Number Slevin, another film I loved.

CAST: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Djimon Hounsou, and Maggie Siff

SYNOPSIS: American expatriates with various psychic and telekinetic abilities are hiding from a United States based international agency called the Division, in Hong Kong. The Division is attempting to genetically enhance citizens of the world with these abilities with the intent top form an army of psychic warriors. Those unwilling to participate are disposed of. Nick Gant (Chris Evans) is a second-generation “mover,” the name for those with telekinetic ability. Nick has been in hiding for 10 years since he saw Division Agent Carver (Djimon Hounsou) murder his father. The last thing Nick’s father tells him is that in the future he should do all he can to hell a young girl who comes to him with a flower. Nick has been hiding in the densely populated Hong Kong—as it seems are several other fugitive psychics. Nick is forced out of hiding when Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning), a 13-year-old “watcher,” comes to ask for his help. Cassie has clairvoyant abilities just like her mother the most powerful watcher, who has been held captive by the Division for a long time. Cassie is the girl with the flower. The two of them look for Kira, (Camilla Belle), a “pusher” who has escaped from the Division with a sample of the drug they have been testing. Kira is the only one to have survived the drug. Pushers have the most dangerous psychic power: the ability to place thoughts into the heads of others and influencing their actions. Cassie and Nick find Kira and they enlist other rogue psychics in an attempt to retrieve the now hidden, stolen drug and take down The Division.

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