Some things I did this semester other than classes

I haven’t really had as much opportunity to blog as I would have liked to and as a result I haven’t commented on some of the most enjoyable things that I have done this year so far. This post is all about rectifying that.

The first thing I didn’t mention, that I really should have, is our Valentine’s Day this year. We decided to get together with two other couples and we celebrated by eating out at a local, pleasant and very reasonably priced restaurant, The Dale Street Cafe, before going to the theatre and seeing the musical The Full Monty. It was a lovely 3 course meal and the performance, for which we had second row seats, was fantastic.

In 2000, an Americanized adaptation of the British version of The Full Monty earned the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Music, along with 10 other Drama Desk and nine Tony nominations. The adaptation was set in Buffalo New York, during tough times in the steelworking industry, and the transposition worked extremely well. It was fabulously performed by the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theatre Company and we had a wonderful evening. I’m definitely going to go back to thte Fine Arts Center for future performances, it’s not the West End, but it was an exceptional standard anyway!

Also high on my list of favorite things I’ve done is the Elton John concert at the World Arena two weeks ago! Elton is still magnificent, what a pianist! He played a huge set with all the faves. The best performance was Rocket Man which was fabulous, but I couldn’t fault him at all. There are a few very high notes that maybe he struggles with now he is older but the arrangements were adjusted so that it wasn’t necessary to climb so high and the performances weren’t affected. What a great night. I was so surprized to get tickets and went online as soon as they opened, I think they were sold out within minutes. It is really nice to see such a big star come to Colorado Springs as they usually favor the bigger venues in Denver. I got four tickets and our neighbours took two off our hands. It was a bit worrying at first because we had a huge snow storm and had barely stopped snowing when it was time to leave but thankfully the roads were clear. Elton John drove from Laramie, Wyoming to make the performance because flights were down! That evening was also preceded by an excellent meal, this time at Phantom Canyon, downtown Colorado Springs; the food there is outstanding.

a shot of my program

I have been to the movies a few times too:

We, unusually, went to see a horror type thriller which we would normally only watch on video (if at all) but a wild hair took us and we saw The Last House on the Left. OMG! It was a good movie but suffice it to say that it was gruesome and I, knowing what was about to happen right at the end, couldn’t watch! I’m a woos but I knew it was an image I wouldn’t be able to erase.

John and I also saw Taken, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Very fast paced and a great performance by Liam Neeson. We saw it the same week that Natasha Richardson died — such a devastating tragedy and a sore loss. I’m sure sucess at the box office is no comfort at all at a time like this.

I went, last month with Eva, to the Kimballs Twin Peak Movie Theatre in the center of town and saw Let the Right One In that won the Tribeca Film Festival Best Narrative Feature Award in 2008. It is a Swedish vampire movie, for those of you who have never heard of it, and yes it’s a subtitled movie. It was a new take on a subject that is very en vogue (although you rarely see anything new in the genre). It is not a romantic glorification by any means — quite the opposite– but it is a more realistic, down to earth presentation (I did say it was strange. How can a Vampire movie be realistic?!). Anyway, I thought it was very good. Disturbing but poignant, and with two outstanding performances from the very young main actors Kare Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson. It is a perfect location to see an obscure foreign offering too. Kimballs is an old fashioned movie theatre, not a state of the art multi-plex of the 21st Century. It’s my favorite venue for seeing a movie, that, for those who are interested, also has a bar (you can take your wine or beer into the theatre). Before we went, Eva and I had a nice bowl of irish stew and a strongbow (I know that’s not Irish but it’s not available many places!), followed by a chocolate chip bread pudding that was to die for, at a great Irish Pub in town, Jack Quinns Pub. It was a very enjoyable evening out! We are making a trip down this Sunday too to see Duplicity. John’s away again so it will be nice to get out if the weather allows it (we are told to expect a couple of feet of snow over thhe next two days).

Well that is all I can think of right now, I watched a few great movies on DVD, the best among them were: Slumdog Millionaire (what can I say that hasn’t already been said or warded here?), The Visitor, Traitor, Righteous Kill, War Child (this is an amazing documentary about the former child soldier and successful rap artist, Emmanuel Jal . Excellent film. His story really deserves more than this mention but I can’t give it the justice it deserves so please visit the links on the film title and his name) and Max Payne. Netflix should be delivering Ghost Town tomorrow so I’m looking forward to some humor and light-heartedness.

Well I have a bit of homework still to do before I head to trivia night at the Ute, so I’ll be off now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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