A Fool for April?

Easter Lambs by Kreon at Stock.xchng.com

“Pinch, Punch Everyone” and a quick “White Rabbits!”
April is here! I love April. In a more humid climate I would enjoy the April showers, the bluebells and daffodils, the calves and the lambs and I have happy memories of English Easter eggs and easter bonnets in the school playground parades.
Yes I’m in a great mood. Spring has sprung and with it flies the angel of new beginnings — it just makes me smile. Here’s an April poem to celebrate!
In April by James Hearst

This I saw on an April day:
Warm rain spilt from a sun-lined cloud,
A sky-flung wave of gold at evening,
And a cock pheasant treading a dusty path
Shy and proud.
And this I found in an April field:
A new white calf in the sun at noon,
A flash of blue in a cool moss bank,
And tips of tulips promising flowers
To a blue-winged loon.
And this I tried to understand
As I scrubbed the rust from my brightening plow:
The movement of seed in furrowed earth,
And a blackbird whistling sweet and clear
From a green-sprayed bough.
During a long and distinguished life, James Hearst was a farmer, teacher, and poet who came to be known and respected throughout the country. His thirteen volumes of poetry and two autobiographical works have won him praise and honors on both the state and national level.

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