Re: the St. George’s Day Post

As many of you know who use Blogger it is possible to line up posts for later viewing. I had entered several for April and later discovered that I had set them all for March! I managed to catch four of them and missed the St. George’s day one and it popped up, much to my annoyance, a month earlier than intended. I have taken it down. Sorry for the confusion!

On a lighter note today is National “Something on a Stick Day” in the United States, a day to celebrate anything edible that is cooked and/or served on a stick. Apparently food has been served on sticks for centuries now and while I think its a strange thing to celebrate it does put me in mind of fairgrounds, busy street markets, and parties which is a happy thing!

picture by gozdeo at stock.xchng

Today it is also Archaeology day being hosted at Grand Canyon National Park, and National Passport Day in the USA


Yesterday was World Theatre Day started in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute. I’m sure it was celebrated heartily by thespians all around the world. I celebrated quietly by doing my literature homework finishing off Oedipus Rex and reading Othello!
Here is the link to the World Theatre Day website where there is an open letter to the President of the USA which I found quite interesting:
“We have been adversely affected by the cultural embargo imposed by the U.S. government against both Cuban and American artists and cultural institutions. We are writing to request that you make concrete changes in U.S. policy towards Cuba that will allow for the uninhibited flow of art, culture, information, ideas and debates, as well as travel by artists, cultural workers and professionals, and arts and cultural aficionados between the two countries.”

Whatever you are celebrating today I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

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