Used but New!

We have a big Spring snow storm, finally! It has been very mild this year compared to last year, but a big one hit today and JUST in TIME I got a new car! My little ’97 Mitsubishi Mirage has been very good to me; no mechanical issues (and great gas mileage that saw us through the horrible prices last year) but she has 167,000 miles on the clock and is not an all wheel drive. We have been waiting for an opportunity to get me a new, safer car before this one conked out and we reached that point yesterday. Hurray!

Here she is a bronze Nissan Murano. They got really good write ups and we got a lovely deal on this used 2009. I went out this morning to get some floor mats and things for it and the blizzard hit just as I was driving home. What a great car! It drives so smoothly and quietly and it is roomy and comfortable and I felt much safer. I love it! I won’t be going out again until the roads clear though. I don’t like getting her dirty!

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