Metaphor Poem

This week’s assignment was to do a metaphor poem. Here it is!

The Key?

Though I am blind, I clearly see the path ahead.
I am as old as time, yet born again
Every minute,
Every day.
I am the road and I am the vehicle upon it, but even so
I am the journey’s end
And the reason to travel both.
I am the compass and the map.

I am a question but I already have the answer.
I am lost and I am found.
I cross borders and I feed history.
Though I have many leaders,
My followers make me.

I am the tie that binds, the anchor and the mooring,
And I am the one who cuts the chains.
Though I am your struggle, you will accept me freely.

Some walk far upon me
For I am as solid as the sun-baked ground,
But I can be a mythical dragon never to be slayed.

I lie as deep and unfathomable as the wildest ocean,
But I am as still and calm as the tiniest pond on a summers day.
Though men fall down before me I will lift them up.
I can be your reason but in my darkest hours, I’m just your excuse.
I am a healer, the balm upon your wounds, but
I am the Danneborg, The Oriflamme and the Banner of Saas,
For I have led out many battles on the field.

I am unswerving, but not easily caught,
A joyful merry-go-round or a rollercoaster.
I am a heartbeat.
I am a lion and an elephant upon a mouse,
A moon and a star.
I am a simple lotus flower,
A wheel, a hand, a fish and a flaming chalice.
I am a Goodman’s pink ribbon fluttering in the wind, but
I am Lucy and
I am the only ship on the sea to Aslan’s Country.

For some I am the Key to every door,
Yet so many others
Will never understand the answer to my riddle,
Even though they find it.

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