A Single-sentence Poem

Our second poem assignment was to do a single-sentence poem of at least 12 lines.

Remembering Banja Luka

When I remember Banja Luka
I think of that struggle for a new beginning,
Which was also wrestling within me,
While I dreamed of an earlier day
Whose simpler pastimes seemed now to be

Just like the mountain
Dreaming of the time when
Upon her slopes,

Instead of granite mines,
Those emblems of resentment,
Beneath the surface so close, that
Upon just one misguided step
Would explode in a desolating instant
Sending reason and being both
Into an irredeemable void, their
Intangible remains
Fluttering peppery and searing
In the acrid, forsaken wasteland,

A child would play
Not thinking
That it all

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