Poetry Class Exercise

photo by Plusverde at stock.xchng

I’m really enjoying my poetry class! Stephen Fry’s book is full of exercises and we are trying some of his different ideas to learn about constructing poetry. The first element we started with is Metre. We had to do a few quatrains to practice it and Fry selected the subject “Television”. It is not supposed to be profound, and nor was it likely to be for me with this subject, but it was a an interesting exercise and not as easy as it seems! A bit of fun! This was my attempt!

Two quatrains of standard eight syllable iambic tetrameter:


With Booth her partner by her side
She’s taking risks on homicides.
With bones and teeth, x-rays and slides,
Investigating those who died.

When time has passed to end the show
Whose bones she has we all will know,
But what we want the most is this
To see if Booth and Brennan kiss.

Two quatrains of alternating iambic tetrameter and trimeter:

Battlestar Galactica

The Battlestar is on the move
And jumping off again.
When will the final five pop up?
And will the Cylons win?

When Boomer she was found to be
A sleeper in their midst,
She shot the Boss, her friend for years,
And sure, she never missed

Two quatrains of trochaic tetrameter:

A Bit of Fry and Laurie (pure trochee)

Doctor House is Fry’s friend Laurie,
Since the day they met at college.
English Humor is their story.
Wit they share and both acknowledge.

24 Hours News (docked weak endings second and fourth lines)

Fox has got the angles covered,
All the day unstoppable.
Can there be so much to tell us?
News all day? Improbable

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