School’s Back

I started back to college this Wednesday and everything is looking good so far! I am taking Intro to Lit (required) and I will be re-reading quite a bit but looking forward to it just the same. The plays for the class are very familiar so that’s a bonus: Shakespeare’s Othello, Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. I’m also taking Brit Lit II which will also have me re-reading — this time, Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein, along with some poetry, short stories and drama.

I am taking World History of the 20th Century which seems very well planned out and comprehensive although it necessarily starts earlier thatn the 20th century with the Industrial Revolution and Imperialism (how could we hope to understand our progression since without them?). I will be writing a book review for this class and a film review, among other things. I plan to do Five Days In London for the book and The Lives of Others for the film if they are approved.

I was supposed to take International Relations in class but the one at my campus got cancelled, so I’ll be taking it as an independent study. This was very graciously arranged by the professor so that the few of us who had signed up would not miss out. I am very grateful becasue it keeps me on track to start at UCCS in the fall.

Finally, and most happily I am taking Poetry Writing. We are using a book by one of my favorite authors,the very talented wordsmith, Stephen Fry (I have mentioned him before I know). He wrote The Ode Less Travelled which is an excellent book for a poetry writing class. I’m just glad that the professor thinks so too! The first Poetry Writing class is on Monday and I hope I will soon have something interesting to share with you all from this class.

All in all I’m heading into this semester relaxed and with a smile. I hope that I will be much better at keeping up the blog this time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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