The people will remember you for what you build not what you destroy!

It is my hope that, whatever your politics, you are able to grasp and appreciate the historical significance of today’s inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama; and celebrate in that accomplishment and this milestone, that hails the culmination of a long fought battle for equality for so many American citizens, and the overdue fulfilment of a dream.

Obama’s address was no less impressive than we have come to expect of this wonderful orator and the celebrations surrounding the inauguration were impressive and inspiring. It was touching to see Tuskeegee Airmen invited to the inauguration and some present on the stage for the momentous occasion. Aretha Franklin’s rendition of Let Freedom Ring was both appropriate and moving and Dr. Elizabeth Alexander presented a beautiful poem she composed for the occasion, although her disjointed delivery was rather strange!

It was gratifying to see the cooperation between the Bush and Obama families and administrations for the handover, and I look forward to seeing how Obama will manifest his optimistic promises in the coming months and years of his presidency. I hope that he will be able to keep the homeland as safe as George Bush has over the last 8 years and wish him the best of luck in initiating a change that will stabilize the economic climate of this beautiful country in which I have the honor to live and the pleasure to call home.

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