Another Happy Day

Yesterday John and I had a very relaxing day together. He got home from Guam on Thursday and he was pretty tired so he slept from very early in the day. We made up for it yesterday.

In the morning we had breakfast in bed and watched a movie I snagged from the Red Box:

Untraceable starring Diane Lane.

This is a movie that my Dad had recommended a while back, but I never got around to it before. It was a good thriller, well acted, with huge measures of nervous tension, but an horrific reminder of the failings of our voyeuristic society, and it can can make you despise people emmensely. I can’t say much about it without ruining the plot and drama but I would recommend it if you want to be a bit scared. The film script was originally entitled Streaming Evil which I think is a much better title for it, but I suppose the makers didn’t want it to sound like it belongs in the horror genre for the sake of marketing to the target audience. Whether a Horror or Action Thriller, It isn’t for the faint of heart and deserves its R rating.

After the movie we went out on the quad to take the dogs for a big run. The snow was undisturbed back in the forest, apart from the deer, elk and coyote tracks, but it wasn’t too deep so the quad went through quite happily. It was warm and sunny and the colorado sky was a cloudless deep blue, so it was a beautiful ride.

When we returned I was sorry to see that one of my classes, due to start next week has already been cancelled and my only alternative is to take it as an independent study which is not my favorite. I am worried about another 2 of my classes too — the ones I am most looking forward to — because I’m not sure enough people are registered for them either. I may end up doing some last minuite wrangling to fill my schedule. My alternative classes for them are already full too…

I distracted myself by finishing up another book! The Pagan Stone. This is the final book in the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts that I mentioned in an earlier post. I had read the other two back in July and was not happy that the third had not yet been released! On my way home from England though I saw it on the shelves in the airport in Chicago and it filled some of the seemingly endless layover, only to be left on the plane at the end of a journey that had me exhausted (unusually). I had to buy it again! Anyway, I finished it yesterday and found that it was equal to the other two in the series and wound up the story perfectly. Still plenty of horror, but a bit more romance than the other two, which I actually didn’t mind at all because it was necessary to find this satisfactory conclusion for the six adorable protagonists.

In the evening we decided to go out to the movie theatre — I know 2 films in one day– but it made us happy and the party will soon be over.

Neither of us had any idea at all what kind of movie it was or what it would be about, but we didn’t want to drive all the way to Colorado Springs and settled for the movie theatre’s showings in Woodland Park. We were happy we did. It is a beautiful film. Originally, the premise came from a very short fantasy in the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald but this is one example (that doesn’t happen very often) when the film is an improvement on the writing.
The story of Benjamin Button is that of a man who ages in reverse, as A.O. Scott writes for the New York Times, “it is a slender piece of whimsy, a charming fantasy about a man who ages in reverse, descending through the years from newborn senescence to terminal infancy.” (This review is so well written, I can’t resist quoting it!). The film is semi-narrated by Brad Pitt, who plays the lead, as read from the diary of Benjamin Button that his one true love has with her on her own death bed. The film is an extraordinary journey through the twentieth century, with a wonderful array of characters, both in the fully developed and the vignette appearances such as that of the old man whose line “did I ever tell you that I was struck by lightning seven times” (you have to see it!).
While Brad Pitt is always a pleasure to see in a movie, this isn’t really an acting stretch for him, but I wonder if this particular character as it is written would necessarily stretch anyone else any further. The best of the film is undoubtedly found in the brilliant performance of Cate Blanchett as Daisy, the ballet dancing beauty who is the love of Benjamin’s strange life. Cate is exquisite and had John sighing and cooing (I am amazed that he sat through over 2 and half hours of what is essentially a romance but he did and enjoyed it!).

The other great star of the movie was the digital filmmaking. It was a very subtle blend and was phenomemal, particulalry in the characters of Benjamin and Daisy when they are old and wizened.
Well, that was the end to another happy day, but as I said the party is over. Today I have to dig into the main guest room and remove all the overflow “stuff” from the overhaul of my office so that Aaron has a bed tomorrrow night. We are going ice-fishing on Monday morning — early, a first for me. I’ll post about that later and also about the office when it is finished and I have photos.
FYI for moviesd and books alike I give a A FOUR STAR RATING all around but I don’t have access to my rating images at the moment so I’ll have to edit later.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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