Reading Marathon

Last Thursday evening I left the Ute, after playing Trivia, and headed home at about 10.30 pm. Having dropped John off at the airport that day, I knew that I had time to start a new book and enjoy getting lost in it without any other happy diversions. Eva had read the Twilight series over the Christmas holidays and had lent me the first two books, so it was the first one that I picked up that night. I was unexpectedly engrossed from the outset. I read until about 2 a.m. and then, waking at 7, I picked the book back up. I read ALL DAY and blew through both the books finishing New Moon at about 7 p.m. As I was scheduled to hike the next morning with Eva and Mary, I called Eva and asked her to bring the other two books along and I swapped out.

We had a nice but tiring hike (very snowy), and when I settled back in at home in the afternoon I picked up Eclipse. I read through until about 2 a.m. again finishing the 3rd book, and then read all day Sunday on Breaking Dawn. I was due to go into town with Eva to see the movie of Twilight on Monday and I didn’t want the casting to intrude on my own pictures of the characters in my head, so I made sure that I had finished before we went to see the movie.
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and I found the characters captivating. I was starting to wonder, having seen all the fans of Edward Cullen on facebook etc., if I was the only one in the world who would have taken the Werewolf instead; I just love the character of Jacob Black! I was mid schemes for Team Jacob T-shirts and then the events in Breaking Dawn made it a moot point, so I’ll concede, grudgingly.
If there is a woman or girl (or man if you’re man enough) out there that hasn’t read this fantastically written series I would recommend it. It is most certainly a love story, and I don’t ususally go in for romantic literature, but there is more than enough magic, intrigue and action to satisfy my other appetites, so I was hooked. I can’t remember the last time I read four books in 3 days, particularly big 700+ pagers!

As for the movie, many of the characters were not as I had imagined, but I think they did a pretty good job. Nowhere near as good as the books, but are they ever? It is extremely difficult to flesh out characters on the screen the way they are in books, and Stephenie Meyer is incredibly talented at characterization. I completely forgot, while reading, that I am not a teenager; these books draw you in and the fact that you’ll be forty by the end of the month doesn’t even come into question, until you see the youngsters on the screen and realise that Jacob really is a schoolboy and not the dashing hunk of your imaginations. Whatever, I don’t care, I’ll stick with my pictures in my head. Go Wolves!!!

I give the movie a high 3 star rating though and will definitely go to see the others, assuming they release others.

I took a look at Stephenie’s website today and noticed that there was supposed to be another book in the series, Midnight Sun, but someone had leaked an early draft manuscript on the net and quite understandably she wasn’t able to continue with it. I think this is a terrible shame for her and for all her fans (our loss indeed). What is wrong with people?
Stephenie has graciously posted the leaked manuscript on her site but it is quite obvious how much pain this has caused her and I can’t bring myself to read something she didn’t want to release. Thankfully, the Twilight series has so much potential for follow on storylines in the future, maybe she will decide to continue it one day. In the meantime I will pick up her other novel The Host and content myself with her beautiful telling of another story.

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