Really — I wouldn’t bother

I’m sorry to say that my adventures with Netflix lately have been uninspiring. The last two films I ordered were not great and the only reason I’m posting about them at all is to warn you off wasting 4 hours of your precious life bothering to watch them.

“Starring” Nicole Kidman, Jack Black and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

How did this movie receive such a well written and frankly glowing review from the New York Times? The review was more interesting than the movie, by far. This film tried to be arty, tried to be a black comedy and tried to be moving and sensitive. It failed on all counts and was quite simply boring beyond belief. There was not a sympathetic character among them and no amount of good acting (and I can at least praise the actors for their obvious skill) could rescue the film from a pointless and dreary storyline or shallow, unlikeable characterization.
The best thing about the film was a “not too bad” soundtrack.

Rotten Tomtoes reviewers have scored it a 51% which is generous in my opinion. Sorry!
Y tu Mamá También

I was so disappointed in this movie. It had the potential to be wonderful. Set against the backdrop of the political and economic realities of present-day Mexico, the home life of , and road trip through the country taken by Julio and Tenoch (our teenage protagonists) showed tiny vignettes of life in Mexico along with the class disparities and political situation beautifully. The characters are at least loveable, but the dialogue and storyline lost much of its poignancy because it was quite literally ALL about sex. While I’m sure that we can imagine that to be a true to life portrayal of two teenage boys on the verge of leaving highschool, it was unimaginative and burdened by too many arbitrary scenes of the boys galavanting naked, masturbating and urinating, and I hate to say it but there are too many sex scenes (bad, clumsy, teenage sex). I’m not a prude by a long way, but I feel this aspect of the film took it into the realms of a porno rather than the profound, artistic and moving depiction it could so easily have been. The ending of the movie is moving and with a few edits and more diverse dialogue, I could have enjoyed the film. Gael García Bernal was a cute teen, but he has done much better work since.
The cinematography was great and the footnote narration flecked throughout the film was inspired but we really saw too much of Tenoch’s chubby bum for my liking!

Rotten Tomatoes reviewers score it a much higher than necessary 91%. If you decide to see it don’t put it on when your parents come to tea or your kids are hanging out — you’ll be mortified from the opening scene on.

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