Blood Brothers

While in London before Christmas we went to the theatre to see the long running musical Blood Brothers. The evening performance began at 7.45 pm so we had time beforehand to eat (Smollenky’s on the Strand: Quite posh but they have a smell problem on the way in that is awfully like sewers which is dreadful and it wasn’t worth it’s price either) and we strolled around the theatre district and had some good coffee and cake in Leicester Square at a nice Italian place the name of which escapes me.
It was a wonderful show that had me laughing and crying at intervals and the house was pretty packed too so it was a fabulous atmosphere! The best performance of the night, although all the singers and actors were great, was from Nikki Evans whose voice was superb and her acting very convincing. Nikki played Mrs Johnstone who along with the narrator is one of the lead characters; she follows in the footsteps of some of England’s best musical actresses who have played the role sincethe show opened in 1988 such as Barbara Dickson, Kiki Dee and Marti Webb. Nikki Evans was apparently a finalist of the 4th series of X-Factor (which I haven’t seen because I live in America now, but is a talent show featuring Simon Cowell of American Idol notoriety here in the States). She didn’t win the show so I assume that the winners were fabulous that season because she has a beautiful, rich, powerful voice and had amazing control in a very emotional performance.
We are very fortunate to go to a show, play or something of that nature every time we go home and I am yet to be disappointed. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone!

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