Day Trip to Bodiam Castle

While we were in England for the Christmas holidays we took a step back in time on a steam train ride to Bodiam Castle with the family. It was bitterly cold with a chilling wind, but the sun was shining and we had a fun day followed by tea at Claire and Sean’s. This has become a family tradition. Mum and Dad, Sean, Claire and Erin have been for the last 3 years. Erin loves the trip out with her Mum and Dad and Nanny and Grandad and she has fun on the train and feeding the ducks. The ride starts at Tenterden and then following a nice chug through the countryside it’s a short walk to the Castle Inn for lunch and a stroll around the castle feeding the ducks and back on the train for home. Last year Colin and Amanda were home and they went. Maybe one year we’ll all be there together! Here are some photos of the trip. I had forgotten how much I love the English countryside — I do miss it even though I love my home in Colorado!

The Village of Bodiam

The Castle and Moat

The Family: John, Sean and Erin, Claire, Dad and Mum

squabble of ducks being fed

swimming on the moat

Erin and a strange duck

John, Me, Mum, dad, Sean and Erin

The train from the castle

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