This Man…

changed my life!! This is my wonderful husband. We met in February 1997 in Bosnia and became the best of friends during the six months that followed. It wasn’t until March 1998 that I first came to America and I moved here permanently in November 1998. We lived in Cascade in a small rented log cabin and we got our dogs (Sascha and Luka) the day after I arrived in November. That was the day our family was born. On October 25th 1999 we were married very simply at the court house in Colorado Springs, just the two of us in our jeans and H.D. shirts. We exchanged rings and slept off mild hangovers on our couch infront of an open fire. We had a party the day before to celebrate with our friends and about 100 people came and went over the day. It was wonderful. We have had a fantastic 9 years of marriage and as I commented yesterday it was our anniversary, so I thought I would post some pictures to celebrate.

John, Sascha and Luka 1998

He has done lots of things over the years that scared me half to death but I am proud to be his wife and proud of the things he has achieved. Happy Anniversary! I love you John! Here’s to the next 50 years.

College Grad:

Summiting Ranier:



1998 (Cape Cod)

2004 (Christmas Hawaii)

2005 (Vegas)

Hawaii 2005

2007 (Retirement)

Home in Colorado

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