Good Things! (No. I haven’t been watching Martha Stewart

I’ve had some time to myself! It’s our anniversary today but John doesn’t get back from his gig guiding for an elk hunt until tomorrow night so I spent some time today doing things that aren’t connected to stuydying and I had a great day. I didn’t think it was going to be because I had planned a long lie in and Luka woke me up at 3 AM for no good reason at all (I think he couldn’t see how to get onto the bed. Poor old thing’s getting dumber with age…). John called from camp early (5.30) to wish me a happy anniversary and on any normal day that would be the end of the lie in but today I persisted and got some fabulous rest. I spent a long time on the phone today; spoke to Mum and Dad and also to my brother for a couple of hours so it was great to catch up.

I read a book today — nothing to do with college– and it was excellent! REVENGE by Stephen Fry (also sold as The Stars’ Tennis Balls) I highly recommend it. Actually I have read a couple of other books by Fry in the past and they were also brilliant, so I recommend them too (The Liar and Hippopotamus). Stephen Fry is a rare genius when it comes to the English Language, talented with vocabulary, witty and a master of the pun. I hope he has written some more. I couldn’t put tyhis one down and I am ready for another.

I also watched a film today (from Netflix) and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang starring Robert Downey Jnr (so glad that he pulled himself together, he is one of my favorite actors), Michelle Monaghan (who was also in Eagle Eye that I saw at the theatre a couple of weeks back — fantastic action movie) and Val Kilmer (plays a gay PI type character). They were all fabulous. I give the film four stars (as I do for Eagle Eye).
So, all in all, it’s been a wonderful and peaceful day. Just waiting for Primeval to come on TV and I might eat icecream too and then have a bubble bath and listen to some Joshua Bell.

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Back to the books tomorrow.

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