Monday Roundup: Here’s Autumn

There are still blue skies and some flowers blooming but the temperature in the morning and during the night says it all; Autumn is upon us.

Thankfully it has been a week of good news. First off, we don’t have to get the roof replaced. John called the company, and the new agent talked to the underwriter who reviewed our file, and they changed their minds! That’s a relief. Then, on Friday night, my Chemistry book finally arrived! Hallelujah! The postmark said it was only mailed on the 2nd of September, so I think the seller was fibbing to me when she said she’d mailed it priority on August 25th, to make up for the fact that I paid for it at the beginning of August, and it wasn’t mailed out due to a “miscommunication” from the website…hmm. Oh well, it’s here now, and just in time for my first Chem’ test on Thursday. I also have my first Trig’ exam tomorrow so I can’t spend too much time on the blog today. Got to get to working!

On Friday I took Eva to the doctor to get her stitches out and the results of her biopsy –thankfully there is no sign of cancer spreading! Poor Eva has had a terrrific run of bad luck lately. She is the kindest, friendliest lady and she looks after herself! She hikes regularly, does yoga, is a nice, slim, healthy weight and then all hell breaks loose. There does appear to be no justice in this world sometimes. Anyway, she is back up on her feet and looking much better, and she took me to lunch at Jake and Telly’s after the appointment, which was great. I love Greek food! Friday evening, after my American Government class, I went back to Eva’s and had a girly night with her and Brenda re-watching Emma and eating a little vanilla bean ice. John was away for a hunting, shooting weekend with the boys (it is that time of year again).

Book club finally happened before the labor day weekend and we chose the next book, The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls. It was Eva’s choice. I’ve heard good reviews so far. I need to get reading, as the next meeting is on the 19th.

Saturday, as you know, I went to see John McCain. Brenda came with me and afterwards we had the best salad I’ve ever eaten at Mimi’s Cafe (warning: if you go ther the half sald is big enough for two), before heading back up to Woodland and going to see the 4.30 showing of Mamma Mia. Sunday was the breast cancer run and homework!

Mamma Mia:

Costarring Meryl Streep (fabulous), Pierce Brosnan (singing a bit iffy), Julie Walters (fantastic), Colin Firth (great as always), Stellan Skarsgard and Christine Baranski. Also starring the beautiful, young, and pretty-voiced couple, Amanda Syfried and Dominic Cooper. I had already seen the musical Mamma Mia is London a few years ago so I knew what to expect with the movie but I loved it anyway. I thought the performances were wonderful, the casting was pretty good –although I do think that they maybe cast it a little older than necessary (the youngsters are only 20 years old after all). with the exception of Colin Firth the other “adults” are all in their mid to late fifties and I think that it copuld have stood to be cast with actors in their forties. There are plenty of eligible stars –maybe the singing put them off?! Having said that — if I can have Meryl streeps energy when I’m almost 60 I’ll be a happy woman. She was vibrant.

A word of warning though ladies — don’t take your hubby if he will cringe everytime someone bursts into song! It is a musical in the true sense and there is much singing! It is a funny, happy feelgood movie though. If you want your spirits lifted and love a romantic comedy, this is for you!

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