McCain in CS

I went to hear what McCain and Palin had to say in Colorado Springs yesterday. As many of you know, I am not a citizen so I can’t vote yet, but, as I am studing American Government this semester I really thought I ought to attend when candidates are in my neighborhood! It was a massive turnout. I didn’t hear anything new in the speeches, which were quite short, but I wasn’t expecting to following so close on the heels of the conventions. It was good to experience it all though. There was a surprizing number of NObama voting Democrats for McCain there! I really didn’t expect to see that. It will be interesting to see how the vote in Colroado turns out this year. El Paso County has had such sway to deliver the State to the republicans in the past and they may do so again with some Dems from Boulder switching camps (I know just crazy isn’t it?!) but I think that the buffer the county gives them will need a record turnout of registered voters to be big enough this year. Very exciting stuff!

2 thoughts on “McCain in CS

  1. colin

    And on what basis are these ‘democrats’ changing their votes? Because they like McCain’s trickle-down economics, his hawkish attitude to Russia, Iran, Iraq, etc, or perhaps they like Palin and her believe that the world was created 6000 years ago by God, or that a raped girl MUST carry the rapist’s baby!Or perhaps they are opposed to Obama for something more superficial!?Put McCain in the whitehouse and the supreme court will be lost to the right wing for the next 40 years…you may as well tear-up the consitition (except the 2nd ammendment, or course).


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