Labor Day Ride — I forgot to publish this last week!

It was beautiful on Labor Day so we decided to go for a ride on the Harley with our neighbours Al and Lorrie. We took in a nice 150 mile scenic loop with a couple of refreshment stops and lunch along the way. Here is a map showing our loop. The scenery on the route is gorgeous. There are a number of large horse properties on 77 the Tarryall/Jefferson stretch and they stand next to picturesque, meandering river and stream bubbling over the rocks with wading fishermen enjoying the labor day peace and quiet. We stopped at an inn on the first stretch for refreshment which was very interesting. Mrs. innkeeper was very friendly but we were unsure if she was drunk, high or just off her rocker. She was entertaining for a brief interlude anyway, and she had a marvelous Great Pyrenees. We also visited a place called the Buck Snort Saloon off the beaten path in Sphinx Park, near Pine. You get to it along a dirt paved road that runs along Elk Creek. There are some of the most enormous boulders on that stretch of raod that I have ever seen and all the dwelling along the creek and up in the rocks are old rough hewn log cabins just like the Buck Snort itself. It will be a great ride out to take visitors (those who can ride that is). It was great riding weather but my butt was happy to get off the bike at the end and have a nice virgin mary with olives as a treat!

Elk Creek Road

Buck Snort Saloon

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