Nostalgic Break: Hector’s House

“Oh really ZaZa, don’t talk nonsense you know very well we turned the car into a fire engine!”

A little known fact about me — I had Hector’s House wallpaper when I was a little girl! I still love Hector. The Children’s programmes all sound so polite and quaint from way back when. This is my nostalgic break number 1. I’ll be taking other excursions into my past as I blog along. For now have a look at Hector Never Forgets

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Break: Hector’s House

  1. Oh it’s so lovely to delve into a world which has nothing whatsoever to do with Afghanistan!! Who, pray, is Hector? I’ve never even heard of him / it. I still can’t tell if you’re English or American from the way you write and express yourself, so am not sure if you’ll know who the Flumps were, or the Wombles. But talking of things past, these little chappies played an important part in my world. I would love to read more of your Nostalgic Break posts. Big hug from Central Asia. x


  2. Ange,I finally got around to looking up your blog. What a joy! I loved reading about your childhood. You inspire me with your thoughts. I can only hope my children will have such sweet memories of life growing up with me! You honor your parents with your words. Even more with your life. What pride they must feel to have raised such a beautiful daughter. Loved the ending…stripper and brain surgeon? What an imagination! You make me smile! Love ya,Ter


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