How Crap Are Insurance Companies?

Not Mine! Roof photograph by Taluda at stock.xchng

Purely rhetorical question as I am fully aware of how crap insurance companies are after this week. I received a letter at the beginning of the week from the holder of our house insurance policy that they are not going to renew because “roof repairs or replacement needed”. Why am I so mad? I have until the 19th of September to get a roof fixed that’s not broken yet. That is less than a month. To make it worse, the company inspected the roof almost a year ago. Nothing was communicated prior to this. The guy I had come out to do an estimate told me that what is likely to have happened is that it was inspected and it could be see that the beginnings of hail damage were showing in parts, the company decided that the condition of the roof made it unlikely that a claim would be made within the year so they accepted the policy — and our premiums for the year — being sure to cancel instead of renew unless it was repaired or replaced at that time. Sneaky huh? The roof doesn’t really need to be replaced but the shingle up there is not made anymore so we have no choice if we want insurance — which of course we do! Apparently this is pretty typical procedure, particularly as they know that there are lot of hail storms in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

This is going to cost $7500 –can you believe it?! At times like this I wish we had a 2-up-2-down with a short roof! Oh well! The perils of house ownership, what can you do? At least I have a roof over my head right?! Yes! Back to being grateful.

Here endeth the rant. Have a great weekend!

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