Squirrel Tease

Poor Bean! It has been a rotten week for her. The replacement collar arrived to use with the electric fence, but still it didn’t work. The company is sending out a replacement wall unit that might not be here until Wednesday. Consequently, when I leave, I have to shut Betty in the garage. It’s a very big garage with couches, and dog toys and she has water and food, but I still feel bad for her because she is such a lively, energetic, chase-em-about kind of a dog. Still, I comfort myself knowing that she will be alive when I get home! On Wednesday I was home all day as my class doesn’t start until 7 PM, so she got to be outside for quite a while. I was working on the computer with the door to the bedroom deck open and the noise that was assaulting me from outside was horrific. I got up to see what it was about and found that it was a very, VERY, loud and cheeky squirrel sitting up in a tree bating my poor, tormented hound to distraction. The squirrel wasn’t stuck or trapped and it had every opportunity to scamper off among the tree tops but instead, it chose, for some ungodly length of time, to taunt and tease Betty, all the while shaking its fist in defiance. I wish I had managed a shot of it doing this! It was comical animation but by the time I got my camera it was too late. Above is a shot of the same squirrel after all the blustering!

This is my baby wishing she was a bear and could get up that bloody tree!

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