World’s Smallest Political Quiz

In American Government and Politics on Friday night I took the quiz and apparently I am a centrist. This comes as no great shock to me but I was astonished that there were so many of us! Did you always think you were conservative or liberal and maybe want to see how you score. This is The site it came from why not check it out and see what you think.?

This is what the grid looks like when you’re scored. That’s my red dot. I’ve only been in this class since Friday and I’ve learned so much already. I am not a citizen yet, so I can’t vote, but it’s a really interesting time to take this class, with the elections looming, and such a diverse group will make it very interesting in debate. I’m sure I’ll be posting often about this subject.

What do you all think of Obama’s choice of running mate then?

One thought on “World’s Smallest Political Quiz

  1. Colin

    Obama’s running mate…love it.Biden will say what Barack can’t about McCain always falling on the “I was a POW’ defense to every question, stupid remark, or super-wealthy reference. Thank goodness. When will America wake up and realise that the GOP has dug us into a huge hole, and McCain is bringing another shovel?


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