I’m Back! Monday Roundup

I knew that starting back at school was going to be hectic. John is still away so the everyday stuff on top of settling into a college schedule has been kicking my butt. Sorry for the blogging gap! This last week and a half have seen many annoyances for me. First of all, the house, decks and barn were being treated and stained but the weather (crazy almost English weather where it rained for 3 days straight –munheard of in these parts) stopped play half way through and I was penned into the house with one exit for 3 or 4 days. Plastic sheeting covered all the doors and the windows AND the hot tub (not cool!). Anyway, they got it done and it looks great so that’s all over now.

Then there is the electric fence saga! I don’t know if I posted about Betty’s unique escapologist skills before but she caused us no end of drama during the winter, getting out all the time and staying out past my tolerance. We came to discover that whatever we did she could defeat it. She can jump so high that it ‘s not possible for us to reinforce the whole fence effectively We settled on one of those containment devices where she would get a shock if she approached the fence. I really didn’t want to do it, but nothing else was working and when she got injured while she was AWOL one day the decision made itself. Well, it worked just fine and she has been a wonderful, loving, homebound pet ever since — that is until I had to go back to college!

I came home first day to find she was out and that is when I realised that the fence wasn’t working (duh!). I checked it all out and there seemed to be no power so I bought a new converter. Yay! Power restored!! But wait, oh lovely, red flashing lights, that meant that the containment wire was broken. A trek around the four acre fence looking for breaks pulled up a winner (wish I had gone counter- (anti)- clockwize though). I fixed it in time to leave for school but I got home at 5 and Betty was out again! I ccouldn’t believe it. This time, in chatting to John, I found that the collar needed to be re-charged. OK! I took care of that and tested it and guess what? Still not working. There are a stream of obscenities that I won’t be posting her. Please use your most vivid of imaginations.

I have had to order a new collar online. Betty is going to be the bane of my life until Wednesday when the new one arrives. She hates me because I won’t let her go out and charge about like a loon. She will hat me even more when the collar arrives and she gets a zapping. It only takes the one. She’ll hole up near the house for a couple of days and then start to venture outwards back to her boundary. I feel bad, but she has four acres to play in, and chase rodents in, and dig in. She needs to keep her arse in the yard!!

OK so I don’t want this to be and enitre post of grumbling but a couple more are in order — my chemistry textbook didn’t arrive. I bought my books online from marketplace sellers because they are so monumentally expensive at the college bookstore. I have not been lucky with the Chem’ book though. The first one I ordered the seller contacted me to say he couldn’t find it! The secoind one said it would arrive between the 12th and 22nd and when I still hadn’t got it on the 22nd I emailed. The seller apparently had not been informed by the site that the book had sold! *%$@#&* She said she was sending priority today, so, hopefully, I’ll have it by the end of the week. I have to go and do my homework using the college library copy though (for this week). Pain in the… Talking of which, UK passport photos are not the same size as US ones! I just had to drive an hour to the nearest place to get the photos and then an hour back.

Alright. I’m done.

School is wonderful so far. I have TRIG, CHEM, ENG COMP II, ART HISTORY and US Politics and every instructor seems great. I’m really enjoying being back to the studying. I hope that I will be able to blog frequently again now that I have settled back into a rhythym. John will be home on Saturday and so Labor day weekend won’t be dull.

Hope everyone is well and happy! Have a good Monday.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back! Monday Roundup

  1. Glad to see you update again!! haha….I love reading your blog!! Always something happening!! =o) Good luck with school! Man you’re taking a load….6 classes?!?! You go girl!


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