Love them Boys

I don’t know what the USA men’s gymnastic team had for breakfast, but they went without the Hamm and still pulled it off! The boys were so excited all the way through, chatting into the camera and drawing you in with their highly charged competitive spirit. Apart from a couple of errors on the pommel that let the Japanese back through the door for silver they were solid. After all that talk about them not being good enough, with two of the alternates called in and no previous Olympic experience between them, they went ahead and proved them all wrong. They were a joy to watch. Jonathan Horton stuck every landing he made on all the apparatus and he looked especially fabulous on the floor. Raj Bhavsar shone on the parallel bars and Justin Spring was scary and awesome on the high bar. Sasha Artemev’s performance on the pommel horse sealed the bronze for USA and it was a wonderful display too. They were all so happy. It was really satisying to watch.

Hope that the ladies can do great things tomorrow!

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