In the Swim!

photo from bbc photo of the day galleries:…/photos_of_the_day/5112544.stm
Another fantastic night for USA swimming! Another sore throat!

I hope that Michael Phelps goes all the way with the GOLDS. He is such a champion. Another amazing swim from him tonight — he is in a class on his own. Always nice to see a team mate on the podium though and Vanderkaay had a very nice swim to take that bronze alongside Michael.

The USA swimmers were overall outstanding today garnering 3 golds 2 silvers and 3 bronze medals at the Water Cube in Beijing. I was so excited for Natalie Coughlin hanging on to defend her gold in the 100m back, her finish stroke was excellent and then having Margaret Hoelzer take the bronze was a wonderful bonus. Piersol defended in champion style too, despite scaring the commentators with slower swims in the prelims than they seemed comfortable with, and Grevers backed him up with the silver in the men’s 100 m back! Then to round it out Soni took the silver in the 100m breast stroke, although by listening to the commentators you would think that no one was in the race besides Liesel Jones before, during and after. Thney didn’t get up any excitement for her at all, which was a shame.

Unfortunately there were no British triumphs to top it off for me tonight but cheering the USA this evening really made another night with John away go by a little faster.

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