SO worth it!

Rebecca Adlington and Joanne Jackson celebrate their gold and bronze in the 400m freestyle. Photograph: Timothy Clary/AFP

I stayed up later than usual to see the swim finals! The only problem with watching NBC coverage of the Olympics is that they obviously don’t care as much as me about Great Britain’s performance. Why would they, after all? Anyway, I was so excited watching the womens’ 400 m freestyle tonight and, as much as I wanted Hoff to do really well, there were two Brits in the final too. It’s pretty amazing having double the teams to cheer for.

I was keeping my eye on Rebecca Adlington and Joanne Jackson and, although Adlington was mentioned once by the commentators, Jackson didn’t even have her name said at all. I was thrilled to see Adlington take that gold and then Jackson medalled as well for the bronze. How fabulous is that? I had to get online right away and register my overflowing excitement! The dogs were quite taken aback by the hollering and whooping and jumping about on the sofa. There was so much talk on TV about Pellegrini and Manadou and that little soap opera that no one seemed to be paying attention to the sneaky Brits. They had pretty much written Hoff out of the running too because they thought her best chance was the race she already got a bronze in earlier! Hoff was literally beaten out by one of those 8/1ooths of a second deals so her disappointment was written huge across her face and I really felt for her.

Still, YAY for Great Britain!!! It was still a really fantastic swim for Miss Katie Hoff for her second medal for the USA! Silver this time, woo hoo! Not really something to be disappointed about! That’s my favourite kind of podium right there.

AND THEN to see the USA men’s relay team beat the French team out at the last touch was just amazing, especially after Bernard was bragging that they were going to “smash” the Americans. I think non! I have a sore throat from screaming so hard. What an amazing last leg that Jason Lezak put out! The fastest relay split ever (46 seconds). Even the American commentators were doubting him;

“hmm I don’t think he can do it”,
“I just don’t think Lezak can do it!”
“America should get the silver…But Lezak is closing a little bit on Bernard!”
“Can the veteran chase him down and pull off a shocker here?”
“Well there’s no doubt that he’s tightening up!”
“Bernard is losing some ground”
“Here comes Lezak. Unbelieveable at the end!”
“He’s done it! The US has done it!”
“He did it, they done, he done it!”

Ha Ha Ha. It was so cool. Don’t you just love the thrill of it all? Just the reaction of Michael Phelps standing at the block cheering Lezak on and looking up for the result was enough to make me tear up. What a brilliant team. They went an unbelievable 4 seconds under the world record time. I really am astonished at how fantastic that race was. Even the fifth placed team (Sweden?) came in ahead of the old world record time isn’t that incredible?

Also, just a little aside, I was a little nervous that Phelps might lose his swimsuit in all his excitement — was anyone else worried that it was hanging really very low? That coverage was probably banned in some countries 😉

Oh, by the way, I also found that I had the women’s cycling road race recorded so I was able to watch Nicole Cooke take her gold. It was thrilling after all.

2 thoughts on “SO worth it!

  1. col

    I was conflicted over Hoff too. I really want to see her wiin a gold, but to have a brit come forom behind to win like that was awesome…shame on NBC for not showing the medal ceremony though! They show the Japanese guy getting his medal, and no american was even on the podium!!


  2. That was a GREAT relay race! I screamed and hopped around and generally had a great time celebrating with the American team. And as for Phelps’s swimsuit–OH MY GOD. That was a lot of stomach. Made my night.


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