Follow That!

I hate to say it but I don’t tink that will be possible! I’m talking about the oening cremony of the Olympics. I mean where would London get 15000 people willing to do something for nothing? Yeah exactly!

I don’t know if you saw the extravaganza that was the creative portion of the opening for the 29th Olympiad of the Modern Era or not but if you missed it you missed a DOOZIE! It was truly spectacular. All those lucky enough to attend the ceremony itself, at the Bird’s Nest, should count themselves blessed to have see one of the greatest shows ever I would say! I really would love to visit China one day.
If you missed it go here and take a look at the gorgeous pictures or to the video on NBC’s Beijing 2008 Website here. It was a major masterpiece of art, dance, movement and light. It was choreographed to perfection and the concepts and costumes were phenomenal. It was a fabulous portrayal of Chinese history and philosophy (without the Tiananmen Square incident of course). Don’t get me wrong, we all have our pasts, don’t we? Some of us our presents and futures to worry about… If GB tries to do a similar event depicting British history there will certainly need to be more than one significant edit or ommission particularly in the spotlight of global unity and peace that is the Olympics!

Beautiful though it may have been, I suspect that it cost more than anyone would ever want their country to spend on a sporting event. I do hope that the eventual gains for the country will make it worth the cost.
I’m recording all the Olympic coverage that we are getting from NBC over here so that I can forward though to the stuff I like. Of course I’m supporting Great Britain as well as the USA. Unfortunately looks like I’ll have less to cheer about there 😦

I did see an early glimmer of hope with Hannah Miley in the 440 IM but it was not to be! Even Katie Hoff only got the bronze but Stephanie Rice (Australia) and Zimbabwean Kirsty Conventry just hammered the record to take Gold and Silver. Wonderful race.

Isn’t The Cube an extraordinary facility though? Beautiful pool! Of course, I’m very happy for Michael Phelps breaking the world record and taking gold in the 400 IM. Much shouting and jumping up and down there. Swimming is one of my faves to watch (short attention span). I love the gymnastics and track events too and of course the rowing! Should have something to cheer about there, I hope! Come on GB!!

Nicole Cooke claimed Britain’s first gold medal in an apparently thrilling women’s cycling road race (sorry, but not one I watch) congrats to her though!

Anyway my blogging has been a bit patchy, sorry, just had a little writing block and lots of reading and sports watching to do too!

Back to the TV now. It’s raining again so I don’t have to feel bad. Have a good evening!

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