How Much? Tuesday Tirade Number Two!

I have been very excited about the fact that we are going home to England for Christmas and I was checking my passport to make sure all is in order. Well, it expires in September so I have to get it renewed. I went online to check the requirements because all I could remember was that I would have to send off to the embassy in Washington D.C.

Can I be reading it right? Have I missed something obvious? They want $265 for a renewal! Bloody hell, that’s a bit steep don’t you think? So you might be sitting there calculating and realise that a British passport is a 10 year issue so really I’m only looking at $26.50 a year or $2.21 ish a month and how can one complain about that measly sum? Yes of course it’s worth it to go home and see my family but that’s not really the point is it? I think its a bit of a liberty and I’m feeling decidedly mumpy. I don’t get mumpy about little things very often, you know, not mumpy enough to bellow about it.

BUT, I only get to go once a year, IF I’m lucky, and then it’s for 2 weeks max! With the exchange rate being what it has been I’m really looking at about 13 pounds sterling per visit. So £13 to enter my own country of birth for a holiday! Breaking it down further you could say it’s like paying a quid a day to “the man” to wake up in my own Mum and Dad’s house! WTF! To top it all John is good to go — he doesn’t need to pay to sleep next to me [cough, er well, of course not, but you know what I’m getting at ;)]

Oh and in other news “a severe thunder storm warning remains in effect in Teller an El Paso counties until 8 PM. Thunder storms so far have produced nickel-sized hail over parts west of Colorado Springs. Now over to Bozo for the traffic news, Bozo?”

Fabulous! Another hike ruined.

OK enough. There are real tragedies and traumas happening in the world, I know. I’m done. It’s time for pie.

G’night all x

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