How to Burn Soup and Other Annoyances

OK. I’ve been here in America a long time now and I love it. Just getting that out there. I don’t have many complaints. I get homesick and nostalgic for England every now and again but I truly haven’t lived very much of my adult life there and I’m really very flexible. I can truly say that I am happy anywhere (well as long as I don’t have to live in Milton Keynes but that is a different story).

The thing is, I’d hate you to think that I can’t adjust and I don’t want any “If you don’t like it piss off back where you came from” comments either, but I think that I should be allowed the indulgence of one complaint every once in a while…

Why don’t Heinz sell their tinned macaroni cheese here?

Yes that’s my big complaint. They sell other things here. It’s the most global and, might I add, U.S based food company there is. Why can’t I have my macaroni? Its the best one there is. I love macaroni cheese and bacon as a treat. I’ve learned to overcome where the bacon is concerned and have found some brands that are my fave but the macaroni cheese is not cutting it. There I’ve said it. If anyone knows the answer to this please feel free to avail me. I know that there are websites that will ship it to me, but really, have you seen the prices? I want to get it next to the beans in the supermarket again (and don’t tell me beggars can’t be choosers either! That much is obvious or I’d be shipping in cases of the stuff myself!). It’s just a tiny tirade. I’ll be right over it, I promise.

You might have noticed that the title of the post is not Macaroni Cheese Dilemmas though. No! However, it is due to there not being any Heinz MC that I was heating up a tin of Healthy Request clam chowder for my lunch (I know, I know, I’m such an incredible gourmandine!) and I got distracted as I ALWAYS do when heating soup and forgot for a bit that it was on the cooker. Guess where the clams are in burned clam chowder. Hmph.

Yes there were other annoyances too. The dogs have slabbered and slopped and drooled and puffed and finally the front windows look like something from an episode of “How Clean is your House”. So I’m on my poor old knees with coffee filters and vinegar water scrubbing away and getting increasingly annoyed at the harsh sun making genuine progress all but impossible, and I have the poop scared out of me no less than three times by birds flying head on ito the grimy glass. Now, these birds are either from the lesser known species of blind brown sparrows or the windows are that dirty they genuinely think there is something interesting to land on in that vicinity. I don’t know the answer. Maybe the hummingbird nectar has fermented and the greedy little chaps are drunkenly paying severly for stealing the hummingbirds’ food. Whatever it is though I wish it would stop. It is creepy and no matter how many times it happens you just aren’t expecting it again!

Oh well! Off to scrub the bottom of another ruined saucepan.

3 thoughts on “How to Burn Soup and Other Annoyances

  1. Ooh, I didn’t even know canned Mac and Cheese existed! I’m really glad you brought that to my attention because I had NO IDEA. Hate that you can’t get it here. Hate that I can’t get it here if it’s that good!


  2. Macaroni and cheese makes me wish I wasn’t alive. Seriously. When I make it for the family, I have to keep telling myself, “I love them, this is a labour of love, I do not have to eat this shite.”Seriously hate it.And yet? Heinz Macaroni Cheese? I eat it out of the tin. COLD! This never fails at grossing my family out. “You are eating cold macaroni cheese? You are SICK!”Have you tried World Market? I’ve seen it there before.


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