Monday Roundup

It’s that time again already. I didn’t have a particularly exciting week actually. I was really noticing John’s absence (I miss you love!). I did hike every evening except Friday and on Wednesday and Thursday Mary and I changed it up a bit and did the regular loop backwards. That puts four very steep hills back to back right at the beginning but speeds the whole thing up because the rest of it is safe to run instead of walk when you do it that way round. We are going to do that several times a week from now on and try to burn a few more calories. Although, it is looking increasingly like rain will stop play today. Bummer. Keeping my fingers crossed for it to clear up. Normally I wouldn’t blink at hiking or running in the rain, by the way, but it isn’t advisable to go hiking in a forest when there are huge thunder and lightning storms. It’s the lightning strike capital of America here!

I do love to watch the storms roll in up here though. The sky very slowly darkens and the wind starts to pick up and rustles the aspen leaves so that it sounds like a stream rushing by. The aspen leaves (for those who don’t know) are a different colour green on each side so when they are blown in the rain it looks like a million pale emeralds are sparkling in the trees. I love the change in the intensity of the rain as it builds and dies off and builds up again and the fresh smell of the deck wood as it soaks and becomes slick. I keep the door open as long as I can listening to the thunder and watching the lightning coming in off South Park. It is like a mythical war of some fantastical gods just far enough away to be safe, and then the first overhead boom that terrifies my Saschy is on us. That’s when it’s time to shut it out and comfort her, a trembling, panting, wreck of golden retriever trying to squeeze herself frantically between me and the sofa and make herself as tiny as possible.

Anyway, I digress, so back to the roundup: Yesterday we hiked the Craggs (Mary, Eva and I) which is a rock formation on the side of Pikes Peak. It isn’t a long hike (if you start at the right trailhead) only about 3.5 miles or so, but it’s a pretty steep climb up. After a brief incident of geographical embarassment we set off up the correct trail at about 10 ish and even though it was a scorcher of a day it was well worth it. The views are beautiful! You can see North and South Catamount Reservoirs and Crystal Lake from there, and the rock formations are huge and naturally artistic. I also spent a while watching and photographing the birds at the top! You didn’t think I was going to post a roundup without birds did you? Hahaha. Mary hates birds so there was much too much taking off, and swooping going on for her liking!

It was my last World Regional Geography class on Saturday and we took the final. I have come out the class with a lovely A and therefore my GPA intact. I hope I will fare as well in the newxt semester. I can quite honestly say that this was the most entertaining, enjoyable and worthwhile course I have taken. I learned so much about the world and I didn’t really count myself ignorant about it before to be honest. So if you are in the Colorado Springs area I highly recommend GEO 105 with Mike Madson (which I believe he teaches for PPPC, UCCS and Pueblo CC so you have a choice of venue and price!)

I took my weekly trip to Bookman after class and picked up another Amy Tan, Saving Fish from Drowning and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon that I have started to read and am very impressed so far. It looks like I’ll be learning some new (old) words in the reading of this.
I made a new blogging friend this week –Yay! Captain Cat whose blog I like to read is an aid worker who is off to Afghanistan again so I just wanted to wish her the very best of luck. Keep up the fabulous work and stay safe!

Movies this week:

You will already have seen my post about Definitely Maybe before. My second Netflix chick flick to come was 27 Dresses. I thought it was cute but it’s nothing to rave about. A pretty typical plot recipe but the performances were amusing. I give it a 3 star rating.

On Sunday evening I went with Eva to Danny’s Bistro for a chat and a martini (bet you didn’t know we could be so sophisticated up here in the mountains did you?) and then we went into Gold Hills next door for The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Eva also let me borrow The Painted Veil this week which is a beautifully filmed romance based on the book by Somerset Maugham. Four Stars Each! (I’ll do a quick review on them separately).
Also my bro and his beautiful wife have taken off on their hols to Maine so I just wanted to wish them a very happy break and say “make sure you report in when you get home!! I want to know what Maine had to offer”.
So that is about it. The only other thing I thought worthy of note was the arrival of my 46664 T-shirts that made me happy. If you don’t know about 46664 click here or scroll to the foot of my blog and see all the info you need to figure it out. It’s a very worthy cause and if you decide the way to conmtribute is to buy a Tshirt know that they are nice quality and fit well!

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