Definitely, Maybe (2008)

I am taking the opportunity while John is a away to move a bunch of chick flicks, dramas and foreign films to the top of my Netflix list because he really has no particular interest in a movie unless it is high action, war, space or western flicks. The first one to arrive was Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin. It was a cute movie. No deep storylines here, but an amusing and satisfying love tale with pretty women, a handsome protagonist and a cute kid. It is definitely not in the league of the Notebook or even Something’s gotta Give but I was really in the mood for something easy and sentimental and this filled the ticket very nicely. I actually like Isla Fisher(who plays April) quite a lot. Maybe it is nostalgia from seeing her in Home and Away so many years ago, however she is a fun actress with lots of personality. Also, Rachel Weisz, a beautiful, talented, British actress, is in the movie and I think she plays a pretty good role too. The story moves along in a similar fashion to When Harry Met Sally which is to say it covers Will Hague’s (Reynolds)adult life in detail over different decades. This helps to cultivate the differnt charachters well and you develop a sympathy for Will and a desire to seee verytihng turn out well (as intended). We watch the development of his relationship with three different women since the end of his college days in 1991 to the current time, while he relays the story to his daughter (Breslin),who is trying to guess which one in the story is her mother who is divorcing Will. There are element to the movie that are very well done such as the 2 guys deli that appears at various stages of the story and is decked out perfectly to reflect the era being portrayed. Other than that it is a straight forward Redhead, Blond, Brunette competition but one in which there are no bad guys at all which was nice. I highly recommend the movie to women in pajamas with wine and icecream!

One thought on “Definitely, Maybe (2008)

  1. This sounds good. Especially the pyjamas and ice cream part; ans yes, anything with Isla Fisher makes me think of Home and Away, which I still watch whenever I am home (hooked on the Jack and Martha storyline, they’re such a great couple). I loved your write-up of the Margaret Atwood too, and I am deeply ashamed to reveal I have never even read anything by her. I’m reading the God of Small Things at the moment, pure poetry in every sentence… have you read it?


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