As yet unseen

Another bird I hadn’t yet seen in the yard. I’m becoming quite the spotter aren’t I? What a nerd!
I have my camera with me as I study and read in case the red hummingbird and the big woodpecker come back and I can snap a shot to prove they visit. Hence the proliferation of bird, bug and wildlife pix on my blog. This should die off significantly as the Summer withers away and I become absorbed in Chemistry and Trig and American Government. Now that should make for fascinating blogging shouldn’t it? Ha Ha. Maybe Art History since 1900 and English Comp (122) will compensate and at least improve my writing?

There is always the chance, however, that I will disappear completely under a pile of textbooks and papers and you’ll never hear from me again! If during the Fall semester my blog posts seem to resemble essays you will know that I have only had time to do my homework and these days, where I am free to dwell upon delicious but extraneous thoughts, and embark upon arbitrary forrays into whatever pops into my easily distracted brain, are but a happy memory.


One thought on “As yet unseen

  1. Hello there! I am still in my pyjamas and my car will be here to pick me up any minute now, but I really wanted to check out your blog, curious that a new person had discovered mine. And I knew we have great-chums-in-the-making material, just from the very title of your blog. Fantastic. Have been reading through some of your posts and I love your books reviews and insect/bird photos. About ten minutes ago, I found a massive fat caterpillar very boldly making his way across the carpet. Wish I’d taken a picture now.Anyway, thank you for stopping by and I look forward to reading more here.x


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