The Critter What Beaned Me!

So I discovered one of those clicking bugs in the yard today, of the type that collided with my face yesterday. Yesterday’s incident caused me to jerk suddenly inflicting a medium whiplash injury upon my poor neck that is only now easing off. It appears that it is a grasshopper of some kind. Not a pretty one like the rainbow coloured painted grasshopper but just a plain old smallish brown one. There are a remarkable number of grasshopper species by the way, (roughly 10,000 species identified worldwide, and of these some 400 western states of the USA) so I haven’t identified it. It looks like it might have yellow wings when flying but it’s a bit quick for me.
Anyway here’s a picture or two of it. I know, I know, this blog does seem to be turning into some catalog of the insect species of the Rocky Mountains. I don’t know why. Maybe because I spend so much time here on my deck next to the forest this previously unanticipated interaction between woman and arthropod has become commonplace. I’ll try to curb it, really I will.

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