Crazy Weather

We have some wicked thunder and lightning shows up here in the mountains. I don’t mind telling you that when they are overhead it can be quite scary. I’ve never heard such loud explosions. The thunder here makes the windows rattle. We (me and the dogs) were having a pretty normal day today after I returned from taking John to the airport (he’s off to Japan and Guam for 6 weeks). I was watching Graham Norton and had the door open to the deck. It wasn’t too hot but still fairly bright and sunny and then all of a sudden I saw hail stones bouncing off the tile inside the door. Then the sky darkened and the thunder began right overhead. If I hadn’t known the story of Chicken Licken (Chicken Little) I would have thought the sky was coming down. Everything on the shelves danced, the TV went off and the heavens opened. Poor Sascha was terrified and for some reason decided that on top of the DVDs by the telly was the place to be! The whole thing lasted about 5 mins or so before the yard became awash in rain and then after another couple of minutes it was all gone. Quite magnificent and typically crazy. I took some photos for the blog and then much to my chagrin I discovered the internet was out and I had to wait all afternoon for it to come back on.

Thankfully the TV was still operational and I went back to Mr Norton and watched a couple more of his shows that put me in a much better frame of mind. I love this programme –his guests are always wonderful although it is a little near the knuckle in humour so beware of that. This carried me through to part one of the Doctor Who season finale and bugger me if the Daleks aren’t bloody back. Who saw that one coming? Ha Ha Ha…

I know I recommended people to watch it but I bet if the first one you ever tuned into was this episode then you have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on and think its crap because you don’t know Davros , Dalek Khan, Supreme Dalek, Sarah Jane Smith, Captain Jack Harkness and the Torchwood Team, Harriet Jones former Prime Minister (well maybe you know who she is…hee hee), Martha Jones, Rose Tyler and Donna Noble from Adam. Sorry. I didn’t know that a previous knowledge of Doctor Who since the 1970’s would be necessary for that one episode! But for me it was awesome!
Sarah Jane with Doctor Who number 4

Sarah Jane back again with Doctor Who number 10


Captain Jack, Martha Jones and the Torchwood Team

I so want to see the final one of the season but I also don’t because I am worried that it won’t come back.

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