A Long Way Gone — Review

Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Behr CATEGORIES:Crying 1CamouflageClapping Hands

Edited to add: I just realised that yesterday’s post and this one were reversed so yesterday’s didn’t make as much sense as it should have! Sorry.

Earlier in the blog I mentioned that I was reading this for the re-setablishment of the book club. It was a good read. It was a pretty fast read too even though it is a very troubling tale. It is a nicely written memoir that descibes the horrors that befall an alarming number of youngsters even today. I was only disappointed that the author ended the memoir when he did, as I was keen to see the progression of his high school experience in the United States and how his life has developed from there. Maybe there is another book on the table. The memoir was also a little short on his emotional progress since experiencing such a violent and traumatic childhood full of loss. It was an eye opener that has brought me to more reading in a similar vein and it is fully absorbing. I also recommend taking a look at this website. Children all over the world continue to be forced into rebel, government, and militia forces at very young ages, both boys and girls. On the website you can see the latest global report and personal accounts in Voices of Child Soldiers. Africa is a particulary troubled continent for adults and children alike. They so deserve our help in any way we can to put an end to these conflicts and bring peace to a tragic and ravaged region. The first step, I think, is to recognize that there is something out there beyond our borders and acknowledge it. Even if all we can offer is a voice then that has to be something. In a semi-connected vein — if you haven’t scrolled to the bottom of the blog, please do go and check out the 46664 information there! This is another very deserving cause.

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