Follow Up Reading

How De Body

This book, published in 2000, is by photojournalist and anthropologist Teun Voeten — have a look at his extraordinary photos and incredible resume at his website here . The book is fabulous so far and I’ll do a review when I’m finished.

This is the info from the fly leaf of the book:

“Teun Voeten headed to Sierra Leone for what he thought would be a standard assignment on the child soldiers there — many of whom are only seven years old. No sooner had Voeten arrived, the cease-fire ended, and the battle between peacekeeping forces and the military junta erupted in full force. Taking refuge in the bush from rebels intent on killing him, Voeten was convinced his life was about to end. How de Body? is Voeten’s amazing story of survival and escape in a nation engulfed by civil war and features his award-winning, and heartbreaking, black-and-white photography — many of which have appeared in Vanity Fair — from his multiple trips to this conflicted area. “

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