Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Jeremiah and I went out for the afternoon on Wednesday. We had a taco salad lunch at La Casita and then headed to the zoo. Jeremiah was indulging me a bit there but he had a good time. We both did. It is one of the nicest zoos I think I’ve been to and not crazy expensive to get into. They have an exhibit area called Rocky Mountain Wild which is awesome. Neither Jeremiah nor I had seen a grizzly bear so that was the best treat ever and he really seemed to be enjoying himself in the water which was great.

The next best thing was seeing the african vultures being fed they are such a cool bird.

There were also brave little wild chipmunks everywhere that approached the people for food. We have chipmunks in the yard but you can’t get that close. Jeremiah was fascinated and it seems they were the stars of the show for many people who gave them stuff. I’m not sure it’s good to feed chipmunks ritz crackers though — but what do I know?

After the zoo we got lost in the Broadmoor area for about 15 mins checking out the huge houses where the beautiful people live 😉 and then went and picked up his Dad from work before we had a country buffet and headed home via Blockbusters.

Jeremiah picked a movie : Alien vs. Hunter which didn’t appeal to me but I’ll watch whatever. Anyway it ended up being some cheap knockoff of an Alien type movie and I kid you not it was the worst acting you will have ever seen in your life. Please don’t see this movie! Even Jeremiah wanted it switched off after 15 mins. I doubt those actors ever worked again. It was like a porn movie with no sex! So I get to use my new review key that sits over there on the right sidebar!

Alien Vs. Hunter

So, in the immortal words of Forest Gump, “that’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

Here are some more animal pics we took at the zoo:

4 thoughts on “Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

  1. Hi There! Thanks for commenting on the blog! John says Hi to you, both by the way. The camera is a Canon Rebel EOS. It’s great. I’d like to have a new lens but that’s a pipe dream for a time when we have money again, ha, ha, ha.


  2. Colin

    A terrible movie still gets a star…so generous 🙂With the many factors by which you judge movies I was expecting a spider/radar chart review system.


  3. Well I did have something more complicated but that was too much. I have smileys for other attributes you’ll see what I mean later. Remember that one star menas “complete arse”! Maybe I should have an arse award –it would win it hands down. It is quite easily the worst movie I have ever attempted to watch.


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