So much for catching up last week!

Sorry folks! It has been so busy with Jeremiah here I haven’t had time to catch up. Hopefully I will get some of the posting done that I want to this week. Fourth of July was fabulous. Didn’t get any photos because we were rafting on the Arkansas all day and I didn’t want to risk the camera. The river was flowing hard at about 3500 cfs so it was a lot of fun. It was the Space Command Guide Family Day. We put in at Lone Pine and had a great BBQ at lunch time at Pinnacle Rock and then put back in and finished at Parkdale. It was def. too high for us to do the Royal Gorge and Jeremiah is too young for that anyway. We didn’t get back home until 9 p.m. and there were no fireworks for us this year, but a great day was had by all and we were exhausted. I hadn’t rafted since I was a trainee guide 10 years ago. I had forgotten how tiring it is but also how much I enjoy it. I hope I get to go a few more times this season. There were a couple of flips and swimmers but thankfully not from our boat and, thank you God, no serious injuries or worse.

Five people have died so far on the river this year — it is so important to follow all the guide instructions, to swim out as soon as you can and wear all the safety equipment like helmet and PFD. The river is not to be toyed with. It also helps to have a guide who knows what’s up and a crew who can paddle! John is a fantastic guide and we were four adults in the raft paddling in sync and on form, so that makes for a great day on the river.
Since then much has happened. John had to work so Jeremiah and I have been having fun at the range with the 22 and fourwheeling and we have had a couple of trips out for lunch and to get hiking boots for the fishing trip to the high lakes (which John and Jeremiah are now on!). The three of us have had two trips to the movies down at Gold Hills so far, one for Hancock (very funny but beware bad language though parents!) and one for Wall-E (very cute). We went to the Pikes Peak or Bust parade downtown Colorado Springs on Tuesday evening and to the Rodeo proper on Wednesday evening which was wonderful. I love cowboys — don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before – and I love the bull riding especially. I have a post brewing about the PBR. Wednesday was opening night and was also Fort Carson Night, Army Night and Patriot Night. It was a great crowd. Photos from the Rodeo are in the next post!

Pootling round the yard

By the way this isn’t the only sweatshirt that Jeremiah has (it may look like it from the photos on the last two posts. he obviously likes it a lot but it is purely coincidental that he was wearing it for shooting and quadding, I promise!

So, since the boys left I have managed to read two books, Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts and Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff, (more on them in a later post); do most of my homework (the rest later today); do all my housework and laundry; and spend a little time in the gym to boot. Tonight I’ve got The Other Boleyn Girl to watch from Netflix and I’ve been looking forward to it as the book kept me riveted late into the night for most of a week when I was visiting Mum and Dad in England this last New Year.

Other than that, not much to report! No hot tub use yet since they’ve been gone because I see that John didn’t get rid of the hornets yet, or wasps, or whatever they are, and there are at least 8 now in that nest right next to the tub! I might go in after dark tonight but that will be his first task when he gets back. They might be clever and industrious and fascinating to watch but they are too close for comfort.

Ok, well, I’ll hopefully write something vaguely interesting on the site this week — no promises though as I’m obviously useless at keeping them…

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