Moving Pictures — So Many!

I think I may have mentioned before that I am an avid movie goer. It was one of my intentions to review films on this blog and I have only managed that once so far. My problem is that I watch so many films and It seems like forever since I saw one that I didn’t like at all. The ones I’ve seen over the last month certainly range from merely good to outstanding with only one “so, so”. That having been said please do steer a very wide berth from Dragon Wars which is quite possibly one of the most awful films ever made, if not, then certainly in this decade anyway!

I recently joined Netflix because watching films has become so expensive! The pay per view on Dish has gone up to $4.99 per movie and it costs almost as much to rent from the video store! While I do still like to go to the theater for blockbusters or movies with special effects, I really don’t want to spend all my spare cash on my addiction! Anyway, Netflix is my new hero. For just $8.99 per month I can borrow as many movies as I want one movie at a time and also watch selected videos on my computer instantly. I set up a list of movies I want to watch and they send me one at a time from the list. I got my first one on a Tuesday after signing up on the previous Sunday. I can send a movie back on a Monday, they acknowledge receipt the next day and then the following one I get the next movie. It is so worth the money! All the films I have received so far have been in excellent condition and had no playback problems at all. I don’t know what took me so long! If you have been living in a hole and have never heard of Netflix click here to check it out!

Well, I digress, again, back to the reviews — I was discussing with my brother the fact that I have a long list to keep up with and he suggested that I set up a scoring system so that it makes the reviews quicker and then I can just make additional comments on those I feel it very necessary to mention further. I love that idea so I am working on a system right now and hope to have it perfected very soon.

Meanwhile I want to at least mention the film that got me into Netflix. Eva (remember my German friend?) had a German movie from Netflix that we watched and it this film that tipped me in favour. I love foreign flims and Netflix has films from all genres and in many languages which really appeals to me!

Und so… das ausgezeichnetes Film heißt ‘Das Leben Der Anderen’ und im nächsten Blog findet Ihr eine vollständige Rezension, in der das Film kritisch beurteilt wird — auf Englisch natürlich!

Danke und, für Heute, Tchuß!

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