Pestilence or Magnificence?

Despite the carpenter ants, we are ordinarily quite blessed to have very few bugs up at this altitude, particularly in the house, and this makes me very happy indeed. after 3 years in Hawaii with the centipedes and cockroaches it was a huge relief. I am not generally scared of bugs at all so Hawaii was not the nightmare it could have been. Cockroaches literally trot down the sidewalk with you there. They are rampant. Although, not long after I moved there and J was deployed in Afghanistan I did have an experience that could have changed my perspective dramatically forever but I do seem to have survived emotionally. Once day I thought that it might be a nice idea to use the patio so I bought some bug spray that you attach to the water hose so that I could sit out there comfortably. The biggest problem for me is the mosquito plague! They devour me as soon as I step out, so I thought that, with the spray, I might be able to give myself a bug free area to sit in. I hooked it all up and stood on the patio and began to douse the paving slabs and surrounding flowerbeds with the mixture. I swear, within seconds it was like a scene from Indiana Jones! Every roach, beetle, centipede and other crazy bug in the ground outside my house surfaced at once and started to scuttle around my feet. They climbed the reed privacy fencing surrounding my yard and perched and wobbled on the top! It was quite horrific and set my nerves on end. Needless to say I didn’t do that again. Acutally I rearely ventured out there at all for the whole time we lived there.

The roaches of course would pop up everywhere. Here is a photo I took of one on the sink in the bathroom one day — and he isn’t even a big one! I know, not pleasant, but I quite admire the resilience of the thing and while you really can’t stand for them in the house — they have to go, quite apart from the health aspect they eat your books — they are intriguing to watch.

The same goes for this next visitor to the house here. He is building next to the hot tub and J will just have to remove the thing tonight because I’m not sharing my peace every evening with this hovering overhead. However, I did sit and watch this little fella flying back and forth for about 30 mins last evening and I was trying –in vain — to get him emerging from the hole! It is just too quick! I did capture these shots though and I was quite pleased!

Hopefully this will be my last bug post. I have hung a “squirrel-go-round” squirrel feeder, an additional hummingbird feeder, and a regular bird feeder in the trees along the front of the deck so I am hoping the wildlife will be a little cuter from here on out!

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